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Travel 2018- Magical Mexico is a must-see

Travel 2018- Magical Mexico is a must-see
Mexico is a mesmerising destination with everything to offer; beautiful blue skies, unparalleled natural beauty, strong culture and deep history. Put your sombrero on and let us guide you through our pick of the top 10 places to visit. From exotic beaches, scuba diving hotspots, cities, ancient sights and scenic places our top 10 is offering a bit of everything for everyone. 

1. Marieta Islands
Just off the coast off Mexico there is a group of exotic islands. Surrounded by crystal clear waters they are a popular scuba diving destination. The famous hidden beach is a cave formed by military exercises. It is one of the most dramatic pieces of scenery that can be found around the Gulf of Mexico.

2. Cancun
Everyone has heard of Cancun- the most popular, luxury destination in Mexico. Cancun is famous for its all-inclusive holidays, sandy beaches and access to what can otherwise be described as, well, paradise on earth! 

3. Playa del Carmen
Located at the Yucatán Peninsula Playa del Carmen used to be a sleepy coastal town that has over the years transformed into one of the trendiest destinations with many modern bars, restaurants and cafes. It is home to many American and British expats, among others, who have partially shaped the local cuisine and culture. Playa is famous for its variety of entertainment and rich flavours.

4. Tulum
If you are thinking beaches, think Tulum. Imagine turquoise waters frothing gently over fine sand beaches. Tulum offers great snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities. Tulum is also home to archaeological sites overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The city of Tulum is worth visiting as it allows tourists to become immersed into the relaxed ambience of the local community and explore local cuisine and arts.

5. Acapulco
Acupulco used to be an A-listers playground a few decades ago. Acapulco has now transformed to a party destination offering lively nightlife, a busy waterfront promenade and international cuisine attracting American holidaymaker. 

6. Cozumel island
Cozumel is an island just off Playa del Carmen and possibly the scuba diving Mecca of the entire American continent. A rich marine life and crystal-clear waters are awaiting those who wish to explore a little further out the standard traveller’s trail.

7. Mexico City
With a population of the greater city area over 21 million and perched at an altitude of over 6,000 feet, Mexico City if a unique destination by all measures. Previously increased crime levels are now being addressed by the government and influx of tourists is on the rise. The city boasts countless restaurants to satisfy most tastes, but equally rich historical venues, several museums, operas and art galleries for those who seek a dose of culture. 

7. Guadalajara
The birthplace of tequila and mariachi, Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico and quite possibly the best destination for a cultural escape with plenty of choice across museums and heritage sites.

9. Izamal
This colonial city is quite simple unique as every single building in this city is painted yellow. To add a further twist, ancient Mayan ruins can be found in the city centre.

9. Chichen Itza
If you could visit only one archaeological place in Mexico, perhaps this should be it. Chichen Itza was one of the largest Maya cities and it was likely to have been one of the mythical great cities. A massive step pyramid, known as El Castillo or Temple of Kukulcan, dominates the ancient city, which thrived around 1500 years ago.