Tote Bags

Discover our exciting range of colourful Tote bags here at Cherry Cherry. For ladies and girls of all ages, these stylish Tote bags are eye-catching and will make carrying your everyday items more exciting. There are several different designs to choose from and our prices are extremely competitive. Whether you are looking for a gift to inspire or shopping for yourself, pick up a Tote bag or several and carry your belongings in style!

Our Tote bags are tote - ally terrific!

Ladies tote bags are handy accessory for just about every situation. They are the most versatile bags you’ll ever have and you just can’t own too many of them. Lightweight and easy to carry, they can be packed with books, clothes, food and all your everyday bits and pieces. Take your tote to school, work, on holiday or away for the weekend.
We think that unicorns are the most adorable creatures, so we’ve got a couple of these cute characters in our collection. At Cherry Cherry we like our bags to be fun, colourful and full of joy and that goes for our canvas tote bags too. Order your tote bags online and we’ll get them to your front door in no time - ready to brighten your day.
Did you know that using our cotton tote bags could help to save the planet? Because they can be used over and over again, they are better for the environment. Here's an idea - why not use our gorgeous ladies tote bags in place of single-use gift bags when giving your friends presents? Your mates will love these bags and they will think of you every time they use their colourful tote. To cut down on your plastic use, take a tote out shopping every time, and you won't need a 5p carry bag. Select your favourite fun tote bags online at Cherry Cherry.
Our quality ladies totes bags are durable and will last you a long time. They are made of canvas so can be chucked in the washing machine for a freshen up. Ours come with a zip fastener at the top to make sure all your stuff stays securely inside.
To go with your fab tote bag, Cherry Cherry have loads of other lovely items to add some fun to your day. Take a look at our pretty bracelets and necklaces that look great with every outfit. Our key charms are every girls’ and ladies’ dream, they’re glittery, sparkly and perfect for hanging on a set of keys or a favourite bag. They make awesome gifts, but of course, you’re going to want some of these cuties for yourself too. And when it comes to bags, we have a range or glamorous cross-body bags, ladies clutch purse items, stylish backpacks and shopping bags to suit your every need. Order your heart’s desire online today and it'll be with you in a few days.
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