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Which Cherry Cherry Necklace Best Matches Your Personality?

Cherry Cherry

Posted on August 29 2018

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What’s the best thing about being us? We are so beautifully individual – unless we’re having a #twinnies day with our bestie of course. We pick the courses we want to study, we pick the friends we want to make, we pick the clothes we want to wear all because of the person we are and the person we want to be. When it comes to finding your favourite new necklace, it isn’t any different. At Cherry Cherry, we want to help you be you, and today that means picking the perfect necklace to match your personality!


Blue Fish Crystal Necklace

blue fish crystal necklace

Earth, Fire, Water, Air; everyone has an element that speaks to them the most.
If you an affinity to the water element you are intuitive and sensitive, compassionate and emotional. Rather than focusing on intellectual learning like maths and science, possessing the internal powers of water you find that your passions lie in beauty and the artistic. Just like the sea, you can be calm and tranquil, until someone does something to hurt you or someone you love – then they see the full wrath of the stormy sea!

Sound familiar?  The Blue Fish Crystal Necklace might just be the perfect fit for you! Like the prettiest oceans, this necklace is beautiful and sparkling - just as you are!

Get your Blue Fish Crystal Necklace here.


Cherry Cherry Coloured Crystal Necklace

coloured crystal necklace

Fun, flirty and fabulous! The Cherry Cherry Coloured Crystal Necklace is unashamedly one of our favourites, and perhaps it will be yours too!

Do you like to keep things fun and fresh? Do you enjoy spontaneity and hate the idea of doing the same thing all day every day? Are you usually happy and giggly? Do you enjoy indulging in a bit of harmless flirtation? Have you answered yes to each one of these questions? Another yes? Then the Cherry Cherry Coloured Crystal Necklace is the ultimate show of your personality. Colourful and sparkling, you can let your inner fabulous shine all day long.

Pick up your Cherry Cherry Coloured Necklace today.



Multicoloured 4-Leaf Clover Crystal Necklace

multicoloured leaf clover crystal necklace grande

Do you dream of the days where you used to make daisy chains with your best friends and not worry about the stress of relationships, annoying younger siblings, and a growing pile of homework? Sometimes it can feel like the world is against you, that everything is going wrong, and constantly trying to smile through it is exhausting. We want you to know that you are not alone, and the 4-Leaf Clover Crystal Necklace from Cherry Cherry might be the best gift you give to yourself to have a little extra luck.

It is also an amazing match for people who see the beauty in nature, want to dance their way to the end of the rainbow and throw a bit of sparkle onto their everyday!

Grab your Multicoloured 4-Leaf Clover Crystal Necklace now.


Elegant Crystal Necklace

elegant crystal necklace

If your personality likes a taste of the finer things in life, then the Elegant Crystal Necklace from Cherry Cherry is probably going to be your new go-to.

The chances are you’re as cool as ice and constantly looking for ways stay on top. You love magazines, are fashion-forward and can’t wait until your next European adventure, taking in some new and exciting city – in style, naturally.  You like to perform, can handle any situation with a level-head and like to take the lead. Did we get it right?

Purchase your Elegant Crystal Necklace today.



With love,

From Cherry Cherry xo

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