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What to Look for in Unique School Bags UK

Cherry Cherry

Posted on October 15 2018

What to Look for in Unique School Bags UK

Thankfully the back to school madness is over for another year, and the shelves are restocked with all the newest and greatest school gear in bright colours and funky patterns, just waiting to be bought. With so many unique school bags UK to choose from how do you know which one is just right for you? Check out our simple tips on shopping for a school bag to help you pick – we are going to get all serious on you (for a moment):


#1 Find the right size

The first step when looking at school bags is to think about what the best size for your needs will be. Many adults will try and persuade you to go for a large bag that will fit everything and the kitchen sink in, but this can lead to back pain, and even spinal development problems, as it can become really heavy. Its best, therefore, to go for something a little smaller, which not only compliments your size and shape but feels comfortable as well. Oh yes, and that fits your unique purses UK in as well!


#2 Check out its features

Once you have settled on the size of backpack you want, you then need to think about features you would like it to have as well. If you need to carry a laptop, for example, then you may want to focus your search on backpacks with an internal laptop pocket. Having an additional pocket on the front of your backpack is always a good idea, as this is the perfect space to place your keys, USB sticks and lip balm – all the little essentials in life! When it comes to features, you want your backpack to have things which will make your life easier.

Cherry Cherry backpacks not only have a pocket on the front of the bag but also on the sides and inside as well – giving you a range of options as to where to store your stuff – keeping all your essential items accessible and secure.


#3 Adjustable Straps

If your journey to school is a long one, or you have to move classrooms on a regular basis, then having a comfortable backpack is a necessity. Having adjustable straps on your backpack is therefore ideal as it will help to eliminate the stress on your shoulders and back. The durability of the straps will also help to determine exactly how much weight you can carry in there. It is important to remember, however, not to pack the backpack so full that the straps are under strain and start breaking!


#4 Backpack Vs Handbag

Some kids prefer to take a handbag to school rather than a rucksack as they find it less hassle when they are travelling or in hot weather. Yes, these bags may be slightly more convenient, but they are not supportive of a good posture. Think about it – if you carry a heavy bag on one shoulder all day long, this will not only put excessive stress on that shoulder but can also slightly shift the balance of your body. So, two straps are always better than one!


#5 Accessibility

If you are going to be loading it with books and tablets and so on, you want to make sure that the main compartment is accessible. A top-loading backpack is the best choice as it will make it the easiest to load and unload all of your school supplies.


#6 Check the Finer Details

When you are comparing backpacks take a look at the smaller details, such as zips and quality of stitching. You want to make sure that the zip is well put in, but also easy to open and close, and that the stitching won’t rip if it is put under excessive weight.


#7 Colour and Pattern

Now for the fun part! Here is where you can go wild and choose something that helps you to stand out from the crowd and which lets your personality shine through. If you find one that you love, and you think that you will still love it in a year – go for it! Even if you do fall out of love with it, Cherry Cherry bags are such good value for money that you can just get a new one! You could even buy one of each, and rock a new backpack every day of the week!

Now that you have chosen your unique backpack for school, you are ready to go! You can carry your books and your lunch in style. Check out the rest of the Cherry Cherry gift shop UK website today to see our range of backpacks and other accessories.

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