Cherry Cherry’s Top 5: The Perfect Friendship Bracelet!

Cherry Cherry

Posted on August 24 2018

Cherry Cherry’s Top 5: The Perfect Friendship Bracelet!

We all know that you can’t put a price on friendship but you can definitely find the perfect friendship bracelet at Cherry Cherry!

Our BFFs mean the world to us. They stick up for us when we need it and stick by us in the breakups. They make us laugh until we cry and cry with us until we laugh. They really are one in a million. When a birthday swings around, Christmas is on its way, or they’ve done a particularly good job of being your personal cheerleader of late, how can we possibly find a gift that says a big enough thank you for everything they’ve done and everything they are?! We’re exhausted just thinking about it! Then we remember that Cherry Cherry is jam-packed with super-cute, chic, and stylish accessories that might just be the perfect present. Here we take a sneak peek at our favourite five friendship bracelets…


White Butterfly Bracelet

white butterfly bracelet grande

Super-cute, super-pretty, and super-super – just like your best babe! We adore the Cherry Cherry White Butterfly Bracelet and we think your BFF will love it too. Whenever you’re feeling down, your BFF was able to help you out of your cocoon, spread your wings and let you fly, so what better way to say thank you with this beautiful White Butterfly Bracelet.

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Multicolour Flower Bracelet

flower bracelet grande

You know what they say – you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain. When life feels like a constant down pour, your BFF is the sunshine that brings the rainbow, so why not say a bright and colourful thank you with the Cherry Cherry Multicolour Flower Bracelet? In fact, why not be #Twinnies and get one for yourself too!

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Silver Star Bracelet

silver star bracelet grande

Your BFF probably reminds you every single day that you’re a star – now it’s your time to do the same with the Cherry Cherry Silver Star Bracelet. Glittering crystal stars sit along the bracelet’s chain of delicate diamond-like gems so that no matter where your BFF is, she will never go without her sparkle. 

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Black Star Bracelet

black star bracelet grande

The Cherry Cherry Black Star Bracelet is super-cool and seriously chic – sounds familiar? We think we wouldn’t be far wrong if we guessed that you and your BFF are just that. This might just be the best gift for your partner in crime - after all, a bracelet doesn’t need to be glitzy when you have plenty of your own shine.

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Rainbow Bowtie Bracelet

rainbow bowtie bracelet grande

With a gift of this Rainbow Bowtie Bracelet, your BFF will never have another dull day. Bright, beautiful, and possibly the best friendship bracelet for your BFF, the Cherry Cherry Rainbow Bowtie Bracelet is fun and fabulous – just like your friendship!

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Some people come and go in our lives but your BFF will be there forever – that’s why they’re called a BFF! So let them know that they matter with one of our top five bracelets all fit for your BFF.

With love,

From Cherry Cherry 

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