To Bag or Not to Bag? That is the Question

Cherry Cherry

Posted on August 23 2018

To Bag or Not to Bag? That is the Question

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Our clothes speak volumes about us – this is a universal truth! In a busy 21st century where time is precious, we have learned to judge and be judged ‘by our cover’ daily.

Old, messy, creasy clothes, are often the hallmarks of a college student on year out somewhere in Cambodia. New, tidy, crisp, ironed clothes are often associated with a professional.

One of the more important things that we probably always carry around is our handbag. It is a highly visible accessory, and as a result, the whole fashion industry revolves around it. Fashion handbags can easily destroy or create a fashion image. Your purse, backpack, crossover bag, or clutch bag, have a primary purpose to carry things for you in a neat and orderly fashion. But they also give away personality traits, mood, social, economic status, and generally far more personal information about us than we care to think. The same way we pay attention to our makeup, or hair, we ought to pay attention to the handbag we carry.

Why are bags important?

When pockets went out of dresses in the 1930’s, handbags flew into the shop. At first bags were considered a luxurious possession made of crocodile skin or animal leather.


Nowadays there are multiple natural and synthetic materials used and every woman is the proud owner of multiple handbags. Some of us shamelessly possess enough bags to fill in a walk-in wardrobe. Afterall different occasions call for different outfits, which in turn call for different bags. By the time you factor in variations in the materials, design, and size, the possibilities are…. well, endless!

We carry so many items about with us in the bag that space and elasticity of shape are the most desirable qualities. There is a classroom game in which each member of the circle adds one item at a time to an imaginary bag until someone can no longer repeat them in the right order. The contents of the modern bag remind of this game! Looking inside the mighty 21st century bag you’ll find powder (sometimes broken, covering other items), mirror, brushes, lipstick, pencils, tissue, purse, diary, perhaps socks, or even loose coins and long forgotten notes floating around. So, this is the practical side…. bags these days sell not only on practical but also on the aspirational appeal.

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Big brands create bags that are most suited for different demographics based on well researched wants, needs, and overall fashion pressures. A backpack can tell that you are an active, playful person, someone who is practical yet exploratory, creative and with a strong sense of purpose. Conversely, a clutch bag can tell that you take pride in your looks, whereas a messenger bag someone who balances practicality and appearance and can serve both purposes depending on what kind of the material and size you choose and the rest of your clothes.

How to choose a bag?

The best way of choosing a bag is by understanding your needs, and being yourself, which is perhaps the best approach to every aspect of your life! Embrace your style and let it guide you to the right bag!

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