The Perfect Gift

Cherry Cherry

Posted on August 23 2018

The perfect gift

This is a gift guide for the people that you hold closest to your heart- your girlfriend, your BFF, a sister, a relative, or anyone that you wish to reach out to via the act of giving! The list is not exhaustive nor is it set out in a priority order. The perfect gift is different for each person- the key to a memorable gift is in the thought process required to tailor it to the individual, to the occasion and the background of your relationship with them!

1. A Holiday Away

What a better way to express your gratitude to your near and dear than booking a holiday with them. A shopping-filled city break, a beach holiday in the Med or an all-inclusive package holiday usually top the list as the most valued gifts by our friends or other halves.

2. A Spa Experience

Spa Experience

Who would pass on the opportunity to put their feet up, enjoy a full body massage, try masks galore, enjoy a session at the sauna, all in a soothing environment where time seems to freeze... Let your girlfriend or bestie soak away the stress from everyday life!

3. Matching Tattoos

Tattoo Gift

This is a truly eternal gift. If your pain threshold is not too low, then having a matching tattoo is a beautiful way of expressing commitment to a long-term friendship or relationship!

4. Event & Experience Tickets

Experience Gift

Whether it’s watching your favourite artist or sport team, driving performance cars, sipping champagne in a hot air balloon, or watching your favourite theatre show event tickets are always a great gift… the gift of everlasting memories!

5. Technology

Tech Gift

With the advent of all things digital we have to accept that smart technology is here to stay… From tablets, phones, or smart devices such as Alexa, electrical gifts and gadgets are no longer only for the techies!

6. A Planner

Planner Gift

Do you want your girlfriend or besties to do well and succeed in life? Of course! The fast pace of today’s world dictates improved organisation skills to implement and achieve personal and professional goals. This gift scores maximum points on the practical front as it improves time management and productivity!

7. Books

Book Gift

Reading books can be fun both under the sun-lounger umbrella and by the fireplace. Either you are looking to learn something new or escape through your imagination while flicking through the pages of the book, this is a gift of real value for most!

8. Jewellery

Book Gift

Necklaces, charm bracelets and key rings are thoughtful gifts for either a girlfriend or a bestie because you get to select the individual charms and place meanings behind them. You can pick charms for memories or things that are special to your friendship. Matching jewellery gifts make for a strong statement of friendship and more importantly mean that you get a little something too!

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