The Importance of Urban Ladies Handbags UK

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Posted on November 12 2018

The Importance of Urban Ladies Handbags UK

It is hard to deny that handbags play a very important role in the life of modern women today – especially urban ladies handbags. Using a handbag not only means that a lady can carry all of her necessary personal belongings with her but today they are also considered to be a fashion statement, that can easily make or break an outfit. These days, some women are even prepared to spend more on their bag than they would on a holiday or a car – but thankfully this isn’t the case with the bags from Cherry Cherry!

Why are handbags so beloved though? Maybe it is because they have become a bit of a symbol of women’s change in status and how fashion savvy they are – after all the rise in the popularity of handbags has taken place over the last 100 years which coincides with the rise in the social independence of women as well.

At the beginning of the last century, women would mostly be at home all day, carrying out domestic duties and so she wouldn’t necessarily need a bag, apart from maybe sweet & cute ladies handbags for a special occasion. However, as more and more women started venturing outside the home, for both work and leisure purposes, the use of handbags grew as a way of carrying their possessions around.

An increase in the amount of overseas travel as well, such as rail and air, also helped increase the use of the handbag – which developed from the leather suitcase, hat and shoe boxes of the past. It is no coincidence that a lot of the famous design houses who produce bags started life in the late 19th and early 20th century – the time when travel was at its peak.

However, it is not just popular because it enables us to carry things around easily, many women love their handbags because they mean something personal to them. They are, after all, the way that we hold all of our most intimate possessions. All of the things that we rely on a daily basis – our mobile phones, our makeup, a hairbrush, chewing gum, feminine products and so on – they are our survival kit!

There is also an air of mystery about them – men find them intriguing as they have absolutely no idea what is in there, and they would never dare to look! They are also a great way to stand out from the crowd as our clothes are heading towards becoming more minimalist and streamlined, we can splash out on our choice of handbag.

The most obvious thing about the most popular handbags in the world is there striking design. Many ‘it-bags’ are instantly recognisable such as the Febdi Baguette or the distinctive quilting of the Chanel 2.55 bag.

Another vital ingredient that a good bag has to have is glamour – which often comes from the association between a bag and a celebrity – such as the famous Kelly Bag from Hermes. Few people know that the Kelly bag was actually introduced back in 1935, but it didn’t become famous until 1956 when the newly married Grace Kelly, posed for the cover of Time Magazine as the new Princess of Monaco trying to hide her pregnant stomach with her Hermes handbag. The bag became known as the Kelly in her honour, and its sales went through the roof where they have stayed ever since due to its association with old money and class.

Another popular It Bag is the Lady Dior which rose in popularity in 1994 after Princess Diana was spotted carrying it around town after her separation from Prince Charles. Although it looked slightly like a briefcase, its distinctive gold charms gave it an air of luxury – giving the wearer an air of sophistication, glamour, and seriousness.

Clever marketing is also key in how popular many handbag styles become with ‘limited edition’ and ‘waiting lists’ being real money makers. Increasing the price of a bag to an out-of-pocket amount also seems to add to the desire to own it as well.

Despite all of this celebrity endorsement and marketing trying to influence the style of bags we prefer, only a few bags really have what it takes to become timeless classics. They tend to have clean, clear lines and not be over-fussy, functional and a little splash of luxury.

Whether you are looking for a classic bag, or something a little more fun – such as sequins backpacks, then CherryCherry UK is the online store for you.

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