The Fashion Accessories for Ladies Trends You Need to Know

Cherry Cherry

Posted on February 18 2019

The Fashion Accessories for Ladies Trends You Need to Know


If you take a quick look at Instagram you will see that Spring Summer 2018 was all about stand-out fashion accessories for ladies, with bucket hats, barely-there sandals and over-sized straw boaters being the order of the day. From independent designers to the big names in fashion there were enough must-have bags, shoes and trinkets last year to break the internet on a weekly basis – but that was last year! So, what are the trends we are seeing coming through for this spring and summer?

Well the 90's are back in a big way, and this influence has filtered through to women's accessories online too. Retro shapes and sleek designs are set to be hits, and you will be rocking a headband at some point this summer, yes you will. Raffia, straw and macramé are still the materials of choice for summer, but with a more luxurious feel than in the past. And the bigger your sunglasses are the better! Let's take a closer look at some of the hottest accessories trends you need to know:

Head First

Now we touched on headbands above, but they are going to be everywhere this year. Ease yourself in gently with an elasticated ballet style, or go all out with a bejeweled version for your next girls' night out. Available in every material imaginable, from satin to leather, and every form from plain to studded and beribboned, there is a headband to suit every person and every occasion! Perfect for wedding season to, we expect this trend to run and run.

Double Bagger

Take a look around you next time you get on a bus or train to work and you will no doubt see lots of women with two bags – a tote for their gym kit and a smaller bag to hold their cards and lippy. Designers have got wise to this now, and the catwalks this season were full of two bag looks from shoulder bags matched with totes, to identical bags carried on each hip! Street style is where it’s at people!

Wedge It

The wedge or platform sandal is back again this summer, and the bigger the wedge the better. No longer just for daytime wear, you can take them into the evening by choosing ones with a glitter sole.  If you really want to stand out from the crowd then look for ‘Geta’ style sandals, based on a traditional Japanese style shoe with an elevated block sole to protect your feet from the elements.

Mega Sunglasses

There is no doubt about it, this year is the year of the super-sized sunglasses – the bigger the better even. Micro lenses were all the rage last year, and this seems to be a reaction to that – turning this trend on its head. There is a definite 90's vibe in some of the shapes, in the wraparound sporty surf style especially.

Supersize Totes

The supersize trend is not just relevant to sunglasses, it has also split over to the handbag world as well with the extra, extra, extra- large tote becoming more popular too.  Think parachute size filled with stuff and thrown over your shoulder! Time to get working out your arms in preparation!

Blast From The Past

The world of the ‘IT bag’ has been very quiet recently, and so the designers seem to be looking back to the past, to the heyday of some of their famous designs and reissuing them to try and drum up some interest again. The Dior Saddle bag and the Fendi Baguette are just two of the shapes we will see this season.

Belt Up

No, it’s not a bum bag it is a bag on a belt – there is a difference! More refined and elegant, the bag on a belt can be worn around the waist, or carried like a normal bag – if the belt element is kept light and luxurious such as a chain style.

Feathered Feet

Feathers are going to be everywhere this year, from cuffs, to trims to all over! It is peacocking on a large scale. The real stand out buy though is the feather shoe, from small trims on sandals, to heels with feathers that flow up the leg.

So now you know what the accessory trends are that you need to know this year, you are fully prepared for women's accessories online shopping. Cherry Cherry have all the must have’s you need to add a touch of style to your wardrobe.

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