New Trend: Layering Up Your Women's Accessories & Handbags

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Posted on March 11 2019

New Trend: Layering Up Your Women's Accessories & Handbags


Accessory stacking is all the rage at the moment, maybe because we tend to use our hands more than ever due to the rise in the amount of time we spend using our smartphones. As retailers of women's accessories and handbags we know that this trend is not going anywhere, so mastering the art of stacking bracelets and so on is something you need to do quickly as it will come in really handy.

What does stacking bracelets mean?

Layering up or stacking bracelets is simply the art of wearing lots of different bracelets at the same time. You can buy women's accessories online and start with your favourite bracelet and then add lots of others mixing colours and styles. When all of these different bracelets are worn together It can give you a bold and unique look that is hard to get by just wearing one bracelet.

You don’t have to stop at bracelets either, you can do this with watches as well and with necklaces too. Pretty much anything you wear around your wrist or neck can be stacked. Not only do you get to jazz up the pieces you wear every day, and give them a different look but you can also revamp it as well.

So, What Can You Stack?

There are lots of different bracelets available out there and it is good to know what the different types are so that you can make the most of them. Here is a quick roundup of the different types of bracelet available:

  • Bangle Bracelets – these are solid bracelets that you put on over your hand and so they do not have a clasp
  • Beaded Bracelets – these are made from lots of beads which are string together
  • Charm Bracelets – Usually made of metal these bracelets have symbolic charms attached to them
  • Crystal Bracelets – similar to beaded bracelets they are made from strung together crystals
  • Cuff Bracelets – wide metal bracelets which are slipped on over your wrist by means of an opening
  • Gemstone Bracelet – usually made of precious metal fitted with precious gemstones
  • Leather Bracelets – much lighter than metal bracelets, and often associated with a rock chick look
  • Pearl Bracelets – Any bracelet made of pearls, either traditional and baroque shaped or more modern
  • Tennis Bracelets – A simple wristband composed of a row of crystals or precious stones

How to Stack

There are two main ways to stack bracelets. You can choose one eye-catching piece and pair it with some complimentary pieces, or go the other way and pile on lots of eye-catching pieces. Either way, you are sure to look stylish and chic.

One tip if you are just starting out with stacking jewellery is to keep it simple. Try mixing bracelets that share one single trait, such as colour so maybe a rose gold cuff with a rose gold bangle and rose gold slim bracelet or two.

Or you could mix complementary colours that go together well, such as rose gold and navy. So, start with the same rose gold cuff and add navy leather bracelets and a rose gold tennis bracelet. Using complimentary shades like this will really boost your outfit.

As you get more comfortable with the stacking trend, start mixing things up more. Try different textures, colours and shapes. Pair clean lines and geometric shaped bracelets together – such as circles, triangles and pyramids – to add a touch of edge to your look. Or you could pair some beaded bracelets, cuffs and chain bracelets together. You also don’t have to match everything all of the time, as you get more confident – try new combinations until you are satisfied.

Stacking Bracelets with a Watch

Many people love both watches and bracelets the same amount, and so can be a bit irritated at the thought of having to choose one or the other. Conventional wisdom seems to say that a watch has to be worn on one hand, and bracelets on the other but some rules are made to be broken. Why not stack them together, as long as they are complementary colours and materials they can look really trendy and elegant.

How Much is Too Much?

Remember, it’s not about how many bracelets you wear but about achieving the right combination of these bracelets. For the best look, aim to cover about a third of your forearm, as any more than that may seem overdone. That’s not to say you can’t wear more than that amount of bracelets, it is possible but take some skill.

If you want to wear bracelets on both your arms then you should keep the number of bracelets on each arm at a minimum – going for a third or a quarter of your hand as a guide.

If you have petite arms then consider wearing thinner bracelets as these will help to elongate your arms. If your arms are on the longer side then try wearing thicker cuffs and bracelets.

Don’t Forsake Comfort

If your job involves a lot of typing, then keep this in mind as having lots of bracelets dangling on your arm and hitting your keyboard is going to get annoying and maybe counter-productive. Instead go for more delicate combinations such as leather, fabric or slim metal bracelets to keep the comfort level to a maximum. The other thing you can do is to wear stacked bracelets on your left arm if you are right handed, and vice versa.


The secret to stacking bracelets is particular to you – after all, you are the only one who knows what suits you best. You can go as wild as you like, or keep it simple if that is what you prefer. The best thing about this trend is that there is no real right or wrong, you just do what you like with the type of bracelet that you like.

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