Ladies Bags UK Trends Update: The Clutch Bag

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Posted on March 25 2019

Ladies Bags UK Trends Update: The Clutch Bag


We sell a lot of bags and accessories on a daily basis, and so keeping on top of the trends in ladies bags UK is very important to us.  One of our favourite types of handbag is the clutch bag – in fact, you could say it is up there with jewellery and shoes as one of the main ways to really make a statement with your outfit. Traditionally, the clutch bag has been an evening accessory, taken down the pub or the club to keep your lipstick and phone safe but it is now crossing over into daytime wear as well – with lots of ladies making it their handbag of choice.

Why is the clutch bag so popular?

Is this because they are rejecting the rise in modern consumerism and instead of having a day bag and night bag they want to use one for both? Or are they simply embracing a more minimalist way of living (thanks to Marie Kondo maybe)? Who can say? Whatever the reason is though, designers and retailers of ladies bags online have picked up on the rise in popularity for this style and are continually bringing out new and innovative styles, ranging from practical utility styles to more over the top embellished styles.

With so many different styles available to us, finding the perfect clutch bag has become an even more challenging task. Whether it is material, size, function or design that you are after, Cherry Cherry are here to help you pick out exactly the right bag for your unique needs and wants.

The Classic Clutch

The classic clutch can be identified by its timeless design and is versatile enough to see you through a variety of nights out – from an evening with the girls to a more formal ball. As the design of the classic clutch bag is so elegant, the way to ensure you find the perfect one for you is to look closely at the detail. Check the quality of the material it is made from and any hardware it may contain, and make sure it has some functional features such as a card pocket or zipped pocket as well – as this can make all the difference in a smaller size clutch. 

The Statement Clutch

Whereas the classic clutch bag is all about subtly and elegance, acting as a complimentary accessory to your outfit the statement clutch is for when you want to add some individuality and character to your outfit. Although it shares some similarities with the classic clutch bag in that it is usually made from luxurious materials, it will also have lots of embellishment and detail to make it really eye-catching and unique.

The Envelope Clutch

This clutch bag is one of the most universally recognised as it features a fold-over front for timeless elegance, that works for both day and night. It makes the perfect addition to any working wardrobe, as if you get one large enough you can use it as a laptop bag or document holder!

The Wristlet Clutch

The wristlet clutch is the clutch bag that has become well known for being a party bag – and for many a good reason. Its classic small design means you can carry your party essentials without adding much weight to your bag, and this has helped make this clutch bag the bag of choice for party animals as they can get party ready quickly and easily. The most popular shape for the wristlet bag at the minute is the pouch bag, which usually comes in miniature form so that they take up as little space as possible.

The Chain Strap Clutch

Chain straps have also grown in popularity in recent years, especially for daytime bags such as the slouch bag or tote bag. Adding the chain strap to a clutch bag updates it and makes it more practical for day wear, as you can wear it as a cross body bag. Why not grab a chunky chain clutch bag as this will see you right through from day to night, - the perfect transitional piece.

The Top Handle Clutch

The top handle has become almost a staple for many clutch bags recently, as it is an easy way to add a creative element – whether it be a circular handle, a straight handle or even a rectangular handle. An easy way to add a touch of sophistication to your outfit, a clutch bag with a top handle will work well for both formal events and daytime work events.

So, now you know the different types of clutch bags there are available to you, what should you keep in there so that you are prepared for anything?

  • Having fresh breath is a common courtesy, and so having some mints in your bag may come in handy when chatting at the bar or networking at an event.
  • Small Brush. The weather can be very unpredictable at times, so it always wise to be prepared with a mini brush to tame any flyaway hairs!
  • Safety Pins. Not the most attractive of things to carry around we know, but they will get you out of a multitude of fashion disasters, such as a broken zip or a let-down hem.
  • Small Change. Many of us are like the queen, we just don’t carry cash! But it is always wise to have a few coins and maybe a a small note or two on hand in case you need to use a payphone or want to give someone a tip.
  • Mini Perfume. When you get given samples of new perfumes, pop a couple in your favourite clutch bag and that way you can freshen up whenever you like during your night out.
  • Pain Reliever. It is always good to have some pain relief on hand, especially if you are prone to headaches.
  • Lipstick and Gloss, Essential for those late night touch-ups to keep you looking fresh.
  • Pack of tissues. Good for not only keeping your nose clean, but also blotting excess oil off your face and correcting make up smudges.
If you are looking for that perfect accessory for your next night out, then you can buy accessories for women online at Cherry Cherry.

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