How to Buy Handbag Accessories UK for Mother's Day

Cherry Cherry

Posted on February 04 2019

Handbag Accessories for Mother's Day


Women can be hard to shop for. We get it. Especially if you are a guy. There seems to be some kind of intimidation factor that comes from being a bloke shopping for a woman – whether it be your girlfriend or your mum. In fact, we would go so far as to say a lot of men are downright clueless about purchasing handbag accessories UK for the women in their life. They are more than happy to spend money to show them how much they mean to them, but they want to do it in a smart and successful way – and why not?

One of the most feared items, as it were, is the handbag. It is one of the most beloved ladies accessories UK in her wardrobe and will be used every day – if you get it right. The first thing to think about therefore is: ‘Is this purchase going to be for a purpose or for pleasure – is it something she needs or something she wants?’

So, with Mother’s Day fast approaching, we’ve pulled together this handy guide to help you buy a bag that not only matches your mothers' tastes, but her lifestyle too. You see, it's not really that hard after all!

Practical Bags

  • Consider her lifestyle. When it comes to buying a handbag for your mother (or any other lady in your life) the most important thing to remember is the main reason you are buying her a bag in the first place. Is it because you have seen her struggling with her existing bag and think she needs something sturdier or more scratch-proof? If you want to buy her a chic new bag for work, for example, then consider whether she prefers a top handle so she can tote it around, or a longer handle that she can pop over her shoulder. If she does prefer a shoulder bag, then you will get extra points for finding one that has broad flat straps as these will be super comfy for her. Also, never overlook the starting weight of the bag – if it is heavy when it is empty then it is going to cause her a lot of pain, so best to just walk away and look at something else.
  • Observe her taste. Now this may sound a bit weird, but if your mum is on social media you should take a look at her Instagram and Pinterest accounts as this will give you a really good indication of what her style taste is. You can also start noticing what she wears and what the favourite pieces in her wardrobe are – from the brands she wears the most, to her favourite colours and textures. All of this information will give you a great start on what she might like in a handbag.
  • Size matters. If she likes to carry around everything but the kitchen sink in her handbag, then you need to make sure the one you buy has enough room to allow her to do that. You can check measurements online to make sure you are choosing the right option.
  • Keep it classic. When in doubt a classic black tote is always a good bet, or you could switch up the colour options and go do grey, tan, or camel as all of these colours are considered tran-seasonal and classic. If you can, stay away from white or very light bone as these can look dirty very quickly and be hard to keep clean.

Impractical Bags

  • Dazzle her. Most women like pretty stuff, so if you fancy wowing her with an evening bag rather than a practical work bag, then you should aim for something that will make her friends jealous! Think playful colours, bold prints and anything with a bit of sparkle!
  • Small is beautiful. Bags for night time don’t need to be large, she just needs to be able to fit her phone, a card and her lipstick in. Tiny and miniature handbags are having a moment, and so the smaller and cuter the better.
  • Mid-size attitude. However, saying that you may be best to go for something in the middle – not a miniature bag and not a large bag, but something mid-sized that she can fit her essentials in yet still carry in her hand. But make sure it is luxurious looking and swoonworthy.

We hope we have given you some top tips here on what sort of bags your mother might want for Mother’s Day this year. If you are ready to buy your accessories online, then head over to Cherry Cherry for some of the best must have pieces there are.

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