Colour Trends for Unique Ladies Handbags

Cherry Cherry

Posted on November 05 2018

Colour Trends for Unique Ladies Handbags

In one of our recent blogs, we talked about the accessories trends for Autumn/Winter 2018 and so, in this blog, we are going to look at little deeper at the colour trends for unique ladies handbags. Summer was all about pastel colours with hints of metallics and rusts as well, whereas, in contrast, the new season is all about nudes and elegant neutrals as well as pops of brights as well.

Let’s take a look then at Cherry Cherry’s go-to handbag colours for this Autumn/Winter.


Keep it Real with Teal

If you are thinking of colorful shoppers bags then teal may not be a colour which immediately springs to mind as many people think it would be difficult to pair it with other items of clothing. Teal is not quite blue and not quite green, but somewhere in between yes, but this means that it can actually be whatever you want it to be. If you pair a teal bag with a black dress, the bag will look bluer, whereas if you wear it with more neutral colours it will look green. Teal is also a great colour to wear with denim during the day, while it will really pop against silver sequins at night.


Don’t be Rude, go for Nude

This is one of those shades that will never really go out of style, but this season it is taking centre stage. It is one of our favourite shades here at Cherry Cherry as it will go with whatever we are wearing, and it requires no thinking about. A nude bag is the perfect finishing touch for any outfit. Neutral hues are not only elegant but can provide a calming element to an otherwise busy outfit. If you want to play it safe, pair it with an all-black outfit, or pair it with a coloured blazer and shoes for a more vibrant vibe.


Red-dy, Steady, Go!

A lot of ladies we talk to make excuses as to why they won’t buy a red handbag. These range from ‘Red doesn’t suit my skin tone’ through ‘I don’t have matching shoes’ to ‘I don’t know what to wear with it’.

Well, ladies, we need to get over it. Red bags are becoming more and more popular and they are here to stay. Don’t panic though, you don’t need a vibrant red bag to stay on trend, there are lots of softer red handbags out there which are not only super chic but will also add a pop of colour to your favourite monochrome outfit.


Tan is not just for Summer

Just like nude, tan is another shade that has timeless appeal throughout every season. Neutral outfits are so chic in winter as they scream luxury, with shades such as beige, cream and soft brown being really popular. Step away from white, which can look stark in the depths of winter, and go for tan which is a much softer shade which works well whatever your skin tone. If you are going for a casual vibe, then a tan bag could be just what you need to pull your outfit together.


Don’t Make us Blush

Blush is one of those pink shades that can vary in shade from soft rose to watermelon – which makes it a more versatile colour than most. There are so many options, in fact, it can be hard to narrow it down. A light blush bag (similar to baby pink) is perfect for daytime outfits or early evening drinks. You will look like a real trendsetter if you pair it with jeans, a blazer and block heels for a bang on trend casual look. If your blush bag is more at the watermelon end of the spectrum, then pair it with a neutral toned outfit in cream or white.


Prints, Prints, Prints

It’s not just about plain bags this year, you would have to be hiding under a rock to have not noticed how popular prints are this year –especially leopard print.  In the past, if you had a printed bag, however, the style advice you would have been given would be to keep the rest of the outfit black and plain. Yet, times have changed and nowadays if you are not wearing clashing prints then you need to relook at your wardrobe.

Whatever type of handbag you are after, whether it be classic or quirky ladies handbags, then Cherry Cherry is the online store you need.

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